We Service all types of Business or Personal Accounts

We at Paisa Car Service invite you to become a valuable shareholder and client. We are more than happy to discuss with potential companies/businesses or private personal about starting a new account with Paisa Car Service making us your choice for your transportation needs.

We can provide standard Sedans, Mini vans, SUVS and Limousines at a fair and reasonable price. Call or Email us and we show up every time, anytime, anywhere.

Our convenient location in Astoria is positioned perfectly to accommodate each of NYC 5 boroughs.

Accounts receive an invoice monthly which contains very detailed information regarding all trips and services for the previous month. We will provide our new customer exactly what they require.

It has never been this easy; working with us at Paisa Car Service is the convenient, safe and affordable option. Give us a call or send an email and we will gladly explain the process further in more detail.